Thursday, April 20, 2017

Artifact :30 Spot

My portion of this design project that I helped put together with Chris Sossman with the :30 spot.  We wanted to create a video that would grab the attention of the older people living in this area.  Something we found in researching how to advertise to an older demographic is that elderly people do no like being portrayed in a stereotypical way.  They also don't like commercials that are too "weird".  So when coming up with the idea for this commercial we tried to stay away from that kind of thing.  We decided to film the commercial at Troys house, which is in a nice and quiet neighborhood.  We used one of his neighbors as the women in need of help cleaning up her junk.  We felt that both the neighborhood and the lady we used in the video stayed away from the stereotypes that elderly people are normal shown in.  In the video itself we wanted to show the contrast of a messy garage and then show how clean and nice and tidy it looked after Troy was finished cleaning it out.  There is a a nice smooth transition between when the garage is cluttered and messy to Troy blowing out the last of the dirt and debris left over after cleaning it out.  Something that Troy specifically wanted show in the video was how he can take something that is stressful and overwhelming and completely change it around for his customer.  At the end of the video we included his logo and his number, the font in the logo as well as the number is the same as what will be on his truck wrap, on the website and on facebook.  As well as the colors of black and white.  Throughout the video as well you see the name of Troys business either on his truck or on his shirt.  I felt like it was a little difficult to use the visual communication techniques we learned, and things like the Gestalt principles in a video.  Especially in a 30 second commercial.  We did our best to incorporate what we could into this video, while still making it visually pleasing to an older audience.

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